Introduction: Zigzag Paper Chain

If you're at home due to COVID-19 and are looking for something fun to do, make a Zigzag Paper Chain! You can use almost any kind of paper and you probably have the rest of the supplies at home! Thanks to for teaching me how to make this!


Paper (not too stiff)





Step 1: Mark Your Paper

I wanted to use bigger strips of paper so it would be easier to work with and easier for you to see. So I marked strips that were 2 inches wide and 8 inches long. But you can make them any size, as long as the width:length ratio is about 1:4 (you can practice some math!)

Step 2: Cut Your Strips

Cut out all your strips. You need an even number of strips, but the amount depends on what you want to use your chain for; I used about 50 strips to make a headband. (To make a bracelet, I cut 1 inch by 4 inch strips and used about 20 strips.)

Step 3: Fold the Strips

Fold each strip lengthwise (hotdog style), then horizontally (hamburger style).

Step 4: Folding the Chain - First Two Strips

Take 2 strips. Turn one (purple) sideways, with the fold on the right. Hold the other one (white) vertically, with the fold on the top. Sandwich the vertical (white) strip in between the sideways (purple) strip.

Fold up the top layer of the white strip so its outer edge meets the purple strip.Then fold the white strip up again.

Step 5: Flip It Over & Repeat

After folding, tape the edges together.

Step 6: Add a Third Strip

Slide a 3rd strip into the (white) loop. Pull it through the loop, leaving a little more than 1 inch (that will become the next loop so you want to make sure it's big enough to fit the next strip).

Fold the 3rd strip twice and tuck, like you did before.

Step 7: Flip It Over and Repeat

Step 8: Continue Adding Strips

Keep adding strips, folding and tucking.

Step 9: Joining the Ends

Be sure to use an even number of strips. To join the ends, slide the first strip into the last loop. Remove the tape so you can pull the strip through.

Step 10: Fold & Tuck the Last Strip

Step 11: Tuck the Loose Strip

Step 12: Flip It Over & Repeat

Step 13: You Did It!

You are done!

Try using different types and sizes of paper! You can even use candy (like Starburst) or gum wrappers!