Make a Zine Display/Rack




Introduction: Make a Zine Display/Rack

Here is how to make a zine display for your zines.


Flat panel of plywood (luan pictured) (The board pictured is 24 x 30 inches)

Frame molding (at longer than the width of the board. In the pictured project the molding must be a few inched or more longer than 30 inches long)

Wood Screws

Eyelet Screws

Wire (nylon coated)

Wood glue




Cutting tools (Chop saw, Hand saw, Utility Knife)

A table easel

Step 1: Cut Your Panel to the Final Size

Get your plywood ready and cut it to the size you want using a saw or hand saw (use a utility knife to cut threw the outer veneer with aid of a ruler to avoid unwanted splits). The display pictured is 24 by 30 inches. I used a hand saw and cut it between two work horses.

Step 2: Prep Your Frame for the Hack

Get ready to prep your frame. A long picture frame is best for this project. A frame from an old mirror could work. Basically, you need the two long sides of the molding. A frame works great, because of the rabbet will hold the zine or art when the project is complete.

Either break or cut your frame apart for the long pieces.

Step 3: Cut the Molding

Cut your frame molding to the same width size as your wooden board. If the board is 30 inches long, make the molding 30 inches long.

I used chop saw at 0 degrees. An chop saw is great, but a hand saw will make do, too.

Repeat this for a second shelf.

Use wood clamps and glue the molding down to the wood where you want your shelves.

Then use wood screws to secure the molding in place by screwing the screws in the molding through and from the backside (behind) of the wooden panel. (Three screws per molding is fine)

You will want to make sure screws are the right size for your project. That really depends on how thick your molding is. You don't want the screw to bust out through the molding. Look at the side of the molding and place your screw next to it, You want you screws look like it would fit into the molding with some space (smaller) (you don't want your molding to break or crack.)

Step 4: Screw in Eyelet Screws and Add Wire

Screw in eyelet screws about a inch or so above the molding from the front of the wood panel. Two eyelets per shelf is fine and they are placed about an inch from the sides.

Then string picture frame wire (I used nylon coated wire) through the eyelet screws. Cut the slack of the wire but leave two or three inches on each side to "play" with. Afterwards make the wire feel as tight as possible by pulling it from the sides. Wrap the excess wire neatly, trim it if you care to.

Step 5: Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

You have your zine rack! It can be placed on a table easel for shows (like pictured) or placed leaning against the wall of your zine library to display some gems.

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