Introduction: Zingara, Retro FF HLG From NZ

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Looking to build another Zingara, on my may to the balsa shop and I will walk you through the build as it progresses.

These are circa 1964.

In the mean time, feel free to peruse the plan (credits Paul Lagan, Gary Bowden, Airomodeller magazine)


Step 1: The Man, the Plan.

Paul Lagan is credited with this design, a small piece of NZ modelling history.

Have a look at he plan attached, in all likely hood you will need to redraw it from the dimension given so you know it is true.

I like AutoCAD for redrawing plans, I have used it for 15 years now and it really is great, but as im on Puppy Linux now I use LibreCAD.

LibreCAD is ok as it will allow you to import the .jpg plan and does fine rotations with images allowing you to re align centerlines.