Introduction: Zip Tie Basket

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This is my first instructable! I decided to enter the Zip Tie Weekly Challenge!

Basically using Zip Ties and Anchors we will build a basket for holding stuff.

I personally use it to hold my solder, wick, and electrical tape.

Step 1: Supplies

Okay I used Zip Tie anchors and Zip Ties

16 X Anchors (1" X 1")
40 X Zip Ties (7 3/8 in long)

I guess you could use any size depending on how big or small you want to make your basket!!

Step 2: Set-up

Lay out the 16 anchors into a 4 X 4 square

Put one Zip Tie through a row of 4, do this for all of them, but alternate the direction of Zip Ties.

Step 3: Weave Away

Weave 7 Zip Ties on each side (again alternating direction)

Then fold up the sides and connect the Zip Ties to each other...

NOTE: I found it easier to use 4 Zip Ties to make a square then weave it into all 4 sides at once.... 

Step 4: Secure the Weave

Trim off excess Zip Tie ends

Use a Zip Tie to connect a corner to a corner to secure the weave

Step 5: Peel, Stick, and Fill

Locate a place to stick the basket (i.e. a work bench, dresser, counter, etc..)

Peel the backing off of the anchors.

Place on the location to install, pressing firmly to get the basket to stick evenly!

Place the items you want to store in the basket!

In my case I store my Solder, Wick, and Electrical tape in it!

NOTE: I know improvements can be made, and I look forward to suggestions and comments!