Introduction: Zip-Tie Hacks !!!

Zip-Ties are also known as zips, cable ties, tie-wraps, hose ties, and zap-straps, are low-cost, effective tools for holding items together. Zip-ties were invented in 1958 by an electrical company named Thomas & Betts. Ty-Rap was the original name of the device.To make the devices more cost effective, manufacturers later changed to the nylon/plastic design. They already have a lot of uses but still I am giving you some hacks !!!!

Enjoy !!!!!

Step 1: HACK #1 "Compression"

Its can be used to compress your cloths at the time of packing. You need to do is just roll your cloth and tie it with the Zip-Ties.

You can even compress it further by folding your cloth and tie it.

Step 2: HACK #2 "Security"

There are many bags and pouches with rings to apply padlock for security purposes. But there is a cheap option too!!!!! Zip-Ties are there to prevent someone from mishandling or opening your bag. Just take the Zip-Tie from the rings and tie it. All done.

NOTE: The Zip-Tie can be cut off but is cheap too.

Step 3: Hack #3 "Repair Gear"

Zip-Ties can be used to repair your gears like bags etc. when broken. You need to take the tie through the buckle and tight it according to your requirement.

Step 4: HACK #4 "Hanger"

Hanging can be also done by using Zip-Ties. Just you need to do is take the Zip-Tie through the ring and through the other thing.

Step 5: HACK #5 "Snow Tire MOD"

By just tying Zip-Ties around the wheel you can make a Snow Tire.

NOTE: It might break during cycling or driving due to friction.

Step 6: Hack #6 "Key Ring"

Zip-Tie can be also used as a key ring if you can't find a metallic key ring.

Step 7: HACK #7 "Cable Tie"

I think the name tells the use of cable tie. Zip-Tie can be used to tie up extra wire between the power supply and the device.

Step 8: HACK #8 "Tie Something LARGE"

Want to tie something bigger then a Zip-Tie? Just start connecting tie to tie and done.

Step 9: HACK #9 "Book Binder"

Just completed a project or homework, and need to tie the book? Don't worry Zip-Tie will help you in that case too!! Just keep the pages in a pile and take Zip-Tie through the holes. Tie it up and cut the left over part of Zip-Tie to make it look good.

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