Zip Tie Journal




Introduction: Zip Tie Journal

Make a super cool journal with zip ties!

Step 1: Ingredients

Materials used in this project.

A simple poplar hobby board, (dimensions .25" x 5.5" x 48") cost around $6

Some thick-ish art paper (8.5 x 11). I like drawing and writing on this paper, it has a really good feel.

And of course a few handy zip ties!

I used a miter saw, a drill, and some wood stain for this project too.

Step 2: Measure Twice - Cut Twice :)

I like cutting projects like this on the chop saw. It makes a good square cut very quickly, you just have to be careful. I use a 12" compound miter saw, but you can cut this wood with any saw. Make sure you measure the boards to match the paper, and cut them both the same length.

Step 3: Sand and Stain the Boards

I sanded the boards with 220 grit and smoothed the edges. Then prepped each panel with some prestain. Once that dried I applied some minwax walnut stain. Once that dries, I finished with some minwax wax.

Step 4: Pages

Since we cut our boards intentionally to the size of this paper, cutting the pages down to size is very simple. I used the notebook cover to verify size, then used an X-acto blade to cut several stacks of drawing paper. I really like this paper, it has a great feel under your pencil.

Step 5: Drilling Holes

Once all the pages and covers are aligned together I clamped them down to keep them square, but I just stuck some wood shims in there so they wouldn't mar the cover finish. Note I put a sacrificial wood block under the bottom cover when I drill down to prevent "tear out"

Step 6: Binding

After drilling the holes I used a small file to clean up and burrs that were hanging on. Then I threaded the zip tie through the holes. Don't tighten them down all the way. That will give the pages room to open and flip. Once you are happy with the fit, trim the remaining zip tie off.

Step 7: Completed Project

I love notebooks for sketching and making journal entries. I think this was a really fun and quick project that would make a beautiful gift for someone or something to keep in your bag to jot down your next brilliant idea. Hope you enjoyed this instructable and if you make one yourself post a photo so I can see!

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5 years ago

I really like this one. I can never seem to find the right sized/shape journal at the store. I think this may be the solution.


7 years ago

I wish I had known about the zip-tie method of creating a book. When I lost my husband, I received so many cards and notes...most of them with precious handwritten words of encouragement. I could have bound them together this way. I tried many ways to contain them, and ended up making of mess of them. The zip ties and covers would have been perfect! Now I'll know what to suggest to other widows. Thank you so much.


7 years ago

Nice! A made something like this for English class out of an old skateboard

DIY Hacks and How Tos

Great DIY journal. This would be perfect for a maker notebook.