Introduction: Zip Tie Multi-use Brush, Made With Laser Cutter.

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This instructable unlike my other projects came to me as a eurika moment, while making my other zip tie project ( During that project the last stage was adding overlapping zip ties onto the roof while doing this I noticed it looks like a brush, and it works like a brush! Eurika!

At which point I got onto my computer in a very cold workshop at 20:00 (hence me wanting to win a t-shirt) and started designing.

Step 1: Making a CAD.

Using a 2D design software I made a simple design, the design uses both acrylic and laser plywood. With the front and back being made out of laser ply and the middle layer being made out of acrylic housing the hollow space for the zip ties to loop through.

I have attached the files for the design so you can also make this. If the file you need isn't here comment and I will try to add it.

Step 2: Laser Cutting

I then got to laser cutting, which is always fun. I set the design going and while it was cutting watched Netflix. I would recommend doing the same, it passes the time very well.

The cutting of it was very simple I also engraved the back of the design with my laser engraving business logo (because why not.)

Step 3: Zip Ties

At this point I added the zip-ties into the front part to work as the bristles for the brush. This part takes time and patients again another use for Netflix.

Step 4: Glue and Finish Off.

The next stage is glueing the parts together and sanding the edges. When glueing it together I secured the solid back plywood sheet to the layer of acrylic using a two part epoxy. I then did the same attach the top layer of plywood which has the zip ties attached.

Once it has all set I glued it all together to give it a nicer finish I sanded the sides and edges.

Step 5: Uses for the Multi-use Brush

This started off a a general hairbrush but with help of family I came up with a range of uses.

  • A hairbrush.
  • A head massager
  • Sensory brush (for people with nerve problems)
  • Animal hutch cleaning brush
  • Dog brush as shown
  • Clothing pet hair removing brush

Thank you for reading.

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