Introduction: Zip-Tie Raspberry Pi Sled

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Are you tired of figuring out which screw to use [2.5mm] to mount your Raspberry Pi? Do you have a bunch of small zip-ties lying around and a 3D printer?

If so, then look no further than this zip-tie sled thing. It gives your Pi a nice non-conductive bottom and standoffs that can then be attached to whatever you need.

Step 1: Print

Print the zip tie mount STL found here.

I used This marble filament from Ziro [Affiliate link], but any non-conductive PLA or similar substance should work.

Step 2: Zip and Clip

Zip-tie the Raspberry Pi through the standoff holes, then clip the excess.

Step 3: Optional: Velcro

Velcro the base down or otherwise attache to your mounting surface. You won't have to get your Pi gooey or whatever, and of course, you don't have to search around for tiny screws.

This was used as a small part of my Raspberry Pi NAS setup, and you can see the rest of the story for more context in this video.