Introduction: Zip Tie Rock-a-Pult

This is a fun way to spend the afternoon! Make your own game with a friend from Zip Ties! Once you have made one Rock-a-Pult for each player see who can toss it the furthest. You can also try to land your Rock-a-Pult in a hula hoop or smaller ring. Make up your own game if you want with your new Rock-a-Pult. Have fun.

Step 1: Zip It Up

Take the square of card stock and reinforce with duck tape. Then punch a hole in each corner. Place a zip tie in each hole and fasten the tie. Be sure to leave at least a one inch loop.

Step 2: Zip It Up Again.

Get a new zip tie and attach to the first loop. You can use a different color to change it up. Do the same for the next three corners.

Step 3: Add a Rock.

Now add the rock at he bottom of the ties. Tape above the rock to hold all the ties together. Then duck tape the rock to the ties.

Step 4: Reinforce It.

By wrapping the rock and ties with more duck tape you will start to bow the card stock in to shape. Continue to tape up to the first tape line you made above the rock.

Step 5: Finished!

Step 6: Materials Needed for Your Project.

1. Card stock (not corrugated) roughly 6 inch X 8 inch.

2. Zip Ties (colored if you want) 8 ten inch ties.

3. Duck tape (any color)

4. Small stone that fits in your palm.

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