Introduction: Zip Tie Stand-offs

What I want to share with you is a little trick I discovered for tidying up wires, brake lines, cables ect. along frame rails, cross members, or anywhere you would be running such stuff. I've used this technique on motorcycles for running hard brake lines along side frame sections with great results. It gives the bike a finished, professional look.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

1. Zip ties.

2. 1/4 inch Aquarium tubing or irrigation drip tubing. Irrigation drip tubing can usually be found at most home improvement stores in the garden section. To make the stand off portion.

3. Wire cutters or utility knife. To cut the tubing and to trim the excess from the zip tie.

I like to use the black medium size zip ties with the irrigation drip tubing (because it comes in black). For the purposes of this Instructable, I'm using clear zip ties with aquarium tubing.

Step 2: Preparing Your Stand Offs

Start by cutting the tubing into small sections about 3/8" long. You can cut the pieces as long as you wish, it just depends on how far you wish the stand off to be. You can use the wire cutters for this or the utility knife. If using the utility knife, use caution as to not cut yourself!

Step 3: Assembling the Stand Off

1. Start by sliding a section of the tubing over the zip tie.

2. Then loop the zip tie over whatever you are wanting to secure (in this case, I'm using a red wire)

3. Then feed the zip tie back through the tubing.

4. Then wrap the zip tie around the frame rail, and back into itself.

5. Tighten the zip tie. To make the installation look tidier, position the bulk of the zip tie to the back side, as not to be seen from the front.

6. Trim off excess zip tie with wire cutters.

Step 4: Finished!!!

Now you are done making your stand off! Do this at several places along the frame rail. This is a cheap, attractive way to run wires, cables, lines, ect! Hope you enjoyed this, this is my first Instructable!

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