Zip-tie "backpack" Hard Drive Mount for IMac & Cinema Displays




Introduction: Zip-tie "backpack" Hard Drive Mount for IMac & Cinema Displays

 I really enjoy the clean operating space around my iMac but I always wished there was a way to mount my backup hard drive somewhere out of sight.  I had seen a device called a "backpack" made for iMacs that serves as a shelf that juts out from the rear of the cast aluminum base.  Nice as it was, it seemed a bit expensive and motivated me to glance around the house for another solution.  Basically, this instructable uses zip-ties to form a harness for the hard drive.  A separate zip-tie fastens the hard drive to the back of the stand.  This trick should work for any moderately small form-factored hard drive (mine is a 500GB MyBook).

Step 1: Harness Your Hard Drive

The first step involves using two (or more) zip-ties to form a harness from which the hard drive will be suspended.  I only had 8" zip-ties lying around the house, so I used a total of four to make the harness. Make sure that it's tight but still loose enough to thread another zip-tie underneath.

Step 2: Fasten Hard Drive to Stand

 Once the harness is tightened, use one zip-tie (or more, if needed) to fasten the hard drive to the back of the display's stand.  Thread the zip-tie underneath the harness zip-ties and tighten the fastener so that the hard drive is suspended at the preferred height.  I placed the power/data connections facing down, and centered the drive just above the cable opening on the display stand.  

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks ! 
    This is genius in it's simple elegance. I used this tip with new TimeMachine(TM) HDD and brand new Imac. Works a treat.
    As I rarely need to look at the back of the iMac (it faces a wall) I never even see the drive, but if ever i DO need access, it's easy to get to. 


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

     Thanks faintdreams!  I've got a similar set up, with my iMac facing a wall on a small desk, so clearing up even a little room off the desktop is a HUGE pro.  And it doesn't cost anything.  Thanks for the comment...



    11 years ago on Introduction

     I saw the backpack also, and I am thinking about making my own, however whenever I make something to compliment my Mac, I like it to do just that 'compliment'.

    A great solution, if a little messy!