Introduction: Zip2 Final Prototype

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Well this took awhile... 270 pictures on my phone later and I'm ready to post the Final Prototype of Zip2. Zip2 has changed a little since you've seen the preview. The changes were: preventing an epic fail from occurring (as seen in my youtube video) with a mag pusher, and reinforcing the rod that connects the pump to the barrel. More elastic means less rate of fire, but with each pump you can shoot twice so you aren't really losing any rate of fire. If you want more info about the gun, check out the preview.  Now for the main event; let's make Zip2!! Also check out a review by lucas_the _boss!  Note: This gun does not use any broken pieces, so please ignore any in this ible'.

Step 1: Body Layer 1

A relatively easy step, just follow the pictures and you should be fine. Make sure the black hinge joint is attached as shown. Notice how the white rod is attached in between the two snowflake connectors (a trick I learned on this site).

Step 2: Body Layer 2

Zip2 is an unusual gun made for a right handed shooter, so if you are a left handed shooter please build the parts you see in Layer 4, The main difference is (as shown)  trigger size. I built this gun so you can fire the closest barrel first and than the further one second. You can always modify the gun to your liking but this is suggested to get the full enjoyment out of the gun. Make sure the tan connector are placed as shown in the pictures. Any questions and I will be glad to answer them for you.

Step 3: Body Layer 3

Layer three is pretty much a dividing wall in between the barrels. Nothing two fancy here just continue on through. I hope Layer 2 wasn't to difficult because you're going to making something strikingly similar to it in Layer 4.

Step 4: Body Layer 4

Realistically this is the same as Layer two except for two little changes. Build the parts and continue on.  Note Left handed version uses the smaller trigger on this side! 

Step 5: Body Layer 5

Yeah! Add the final body cover and a couple of small connectors to keep this thing together and you're done.......with the body. Now on to the Handle. (I was beginning to get tired of taking pictures after this step so if anything is confusing please ask and I'll clarify.)

Step 6: Handle

A easy little step here. Attach this to your Body assembly. Note: I accidentally forgot to add a white rod to the handle. It's not structurally important but feel free to fill it in if you would like.

Step 7: Stock Layer 1

Oh, here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again. Here it goes again. A simple panel to start this off. (Note: I think this gun can be built with 5 rods but I'm not sure.)

Step 8: Stock Layer 2

Pretty easy. A few parts here and there. I was running short on green rods when building the stock originally so if you feel this is a bit primitive feel free to change it.

Step 9: Stock Layer 3

I found some green rods! Can you tell? Anyway this part was added to fill in the gap where the ramrods and support rods are. Continue following the pictures.

Step 10: Stock Layer 4

An exact copy of Layer 2. Easy!

Step 11: Stock Layer 5

Layer 1 all over again. The other thing you are making is the rear slide (thing that attaches to the pump). Make sure to build and assemble as shown. Finish by attaching the two small blue connectors to the end of the black rods that have the slide on them.

Step 12: Pump

I didn't break this down too much because it's really simple. Just build the parts and move on to the final assembly.

Step 13: Final Assembly!!

Now lets get this thing together. Start by putting that black and red rod through the hole in the back of the body as shown. Then attach the top of the pump to black rod, and of course, then attach the bottom of the pump to the top. Next move the stock close to the body but don't attach it until you attach the rear slide to the red rod. After that all you have to do is connect all the rods to Body and you're done! I added pictures on where to attach bands to you gun, but if you have any questions fell free to ask! Please enjoy my Zip2 and review it if you have time! I'd love to hear what you think about it.