Introduction: Ziploc Bag Filling Gadget

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Getting food from the pot to a freezer bag is always a challenge. Over the years I've tried different ideas such as wide funnels, the two person approach, as well as clips and clamps to attach the bags to the pot. The latest idea shown here works but it is (obviously) in need of further development. But as the video shows the fundamental objectives of the idea are met in that the food is transferred to the bag with minimum mess and there is very little clean-up needed afterwards.

The plastic spring loaded clamps shown have a wide jaw opening between the gripping pads and the hinge - that is necessary so that the clamps will fit around a wide variety of pot rim sizes and shapes.

A filling gadget must also be capable of holding the filled bad without bottom support, i.e. while the bag is hanging over the edge of the counter. Another requirement is having the gadget capable of allowing the pot food to be poured into the bag without too much hassle. This gadget works for both of these requirements.

Step 1: Filling Gadget Must Fit All Pot Edge Sizes and Shapes

The spring loaded clamps have to fit around a wide variety of pots and bowls to make the gadget practical.

The clamps shown work just fine but the challenge is to convert this rough prototype into something that is truly workable, and acceptable as a "go-to" kitchen aid.

Note that I changed the shape of the bag gripping part of the gadget (the white plastic sheet) to test the load holding ability of each form. The video shows one modification in progress.

Step 2: The Video Shows the Gadget in Action

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