Zipper Face

Introduction: Zipper Face

Halloween 2012

My girlfriend and I decided to glue zippers to our faces and head to the bar.  We were inspired by the instructable Zipper Face Tutorialposted by amandaggogo

- Zippers (purchased at walmart)
- Spirit Gum
- Red Face Paint
- Black Face Paint
- White Face Paint
- Fake Blood
- Makeup Sponge
- Brush

We started by trimming the zippers to length. Then we applied spirit gum to the backside of the zippers and let it dry to the touch but still slightly tacky. We then applied the zippers to our faces. We filled in the "open" sections of faces with red face paint using a combination of sponges and brushes. This gave the illusion of exposed flesh under the skin. We then brushed on fake blood over the red flesh to give it a shiny and moist effect.  We then used a small amount of white face paint to make our skin appear slightly older or almost dead. Using black face paint we created shadows lines along the zipper's edges and around our eyes and cheek bones.  

Heads up: 
If you decide to run the zipper across your jaw bone, the zipper will peel off over time. This happens because the skin around the mouth and chin stretches and compresses quite a bit when talking and moving your head. I only had an issue with the section on and below my jawbone. 

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    You should mesh the black with makeup so that it looks like skin or blood. That way it doesn't stick out as "I glued a zipper to my face," so that it's less obvious and more startling.