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They make all colors and lengthsI had a few zippers laying around so i decided to make a zipper wristband with one of them. I made it so that i can slip it on and off my wrist. Can either hand stitch or use a machine. This was a quick project to make and doesn't require a lot of tools or supplies. The zipper does unzip to give it an opening in the bracelet. I hand stiched mine.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies




pin cushion



tape measure

Step 2: Measure and Pin

The zipper i had was 9 inches long which worked out perfect it didn't need to cut it at all. I measured the widest part of my wrist with a paper tape measure. This is right about by your thumb. Write down your measurement and make your zipper this long when you sew. Connect the ends together at the length that works for your wrist and pin down. either hand stitch or use a machine to sew the zipper. After you connected the ends fold over the edges of the fabric part of the zipper and pin it down.Depending of how you sew this part will determine how you pin it down. Take a needle and string and start sewing along your pins.Make sure you make knots so that your thread doesn't unravel. Do this on both sides of the zipper. Optional you could use a different color thread for looks.

Step 3: Sew NTrim Thread

After you sew it all up all you have left to do is trim off the loose threads. You could add buttons or other fabric to make it more flashy. It does zip open i thought about adding a different color fabric underneath so that when it is un zipped you can see the other color.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice bracelet! This looks like it could catch on with maker/sewer types. It's a great way to accessorize, and also proclaim "I make stuff."

    Very cool!