Introduction: Zippo Flashdrive

Today I will be teaching you how to create a Zippo lighter flash drive. To be clear, this lighter will not work after it has been tampered with. Please request adult supervision if you are planning to make this and are underage. enjoy
*Please not that I am not liable for any damages or problems that have been created because of this. Do not take this to school or any place where lighters are not allowed. On that note, minors should not create or have possession of this at any time.*

Step 1: The Zippo

To begin with, take the lighter out of the main casing and unscrew the bolt. take out all the cotton and material inside and throw it away. I then used a lighter to burn the residual material inside. After, make sure to cut the main lighter chamber off. This can be done with regular sizzles however it will dull them. I then used glue to fill the holes in the Zippo lighter. this will make a stronger seal.

Step 2: Flash Drive

I took apart and old flash drive and found it like this. Make sure the flash drive is able to closed inside the zippo. I then got glued the inside together so it wouldn't move around.

Step 3: Gluing

Proceed to lay a small bead of glue on the zippo surface, making sure not to get on the lever that helps the zippo close. after it has dried you can use the zippo heat to help smooth the glue. and now you're done!