Introduction: Zippo Lego Display

This display case is awesome. I designed it myself for its purpose and it works great. All the colors can be changed to your liking.

Step 1: Parts

Every one has a big bin of legos most likely. It might take some time but this works and looks great with zippos.

Step 2: Construction

Put the 2x8 and the 1x8 like this. Later if the display is made longer to have more lighters then this very bottom layer needs to be longer to clasp the next zippo pod and so on.

Step 3: Construction

Snap both ends down with the 1x3 Plates.

Step 4: Construction

Put the two 1x6 tiles in the middle of the 1x3s

Step 5: Construction

Put a 1x6 plate in the last available spot.

Step 6: Construction

Put the two 1x1 in the back in line with the 1x6 plate.

Step 7: Construction

Put your next 1x6 in between the 1x1s.

Step 8: Construction

Put your 1x8 in the back.

Step 9: Construction

Now put the two 1x2 with peg hole on the in with the pegs facing in.

Step 10: Construction

Now put the two thingys on top of the 1x2s w/peg hole.

Step 11: Construction

Now put the last 1x6 tile on top.

Step 12: Construction

Then put the Roof Slopes on the pegs with the slopes going into the center and that it.

Step 13: Finished

Thank you for getting this far if you did if works even if the front of the lighter isnt flat. Using stuff thats laying around turning into something good.