Introduction: Zodiac Laser Cut Coasters

I wanted something that was different and unique so I made Zodiac Coasters. I had laser cut them to be the right size for a can, bottle, cup, etc. I wanted something for Father's Day (June 16). I wanted to give him something that was different and a DIY, something he doesn't have. I found different patterns and liked these the best. Now just waiting for June 16.


~ 12 - 4" x 4" pieces of wood .375 inches thick

~ Adobe Illustrator CC 2018

~ Laser Cutter hooked up to a desktop computer

~ Graph Paper, Pencil, and Ruler (Optional for sketching)

Step 1: Sketching

Sketch out the design you want for your coasters. For mine I used 1” x 1” grid paper, a ruler, and a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil.

Step 2: Cutting

Cut out six pieces of wood that are 4” x 4” and 0.375 inches thick.

Step 3: Font

Go to the link and download the zodiac font. LINK

Step 4: Adobe Illustrator CC 2018

Download if not already Adobe Illustrator CC 2018. Open the extension.

Step 5: Setting Up the Image

Open the image up to fit a 4" x 4" back drop.

Step 6: Printing Setup

Then go to file and print. From there you want to change the media size to the User-Defined Landscape. Click print.

Step 7: Print Setup 2

Open the software for the laser cutter. (For mine I went to the re locator tool, clicked the center of the image, and sent it to 2” X 2”. Then went to settings, wood, softwood, general. The thickness of the wood is .375.)

Step 8: Finishing

I waited about four minutes for the coasters to be done. Repeat as many times as you want with different designs.

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