Introduction: Zoetrope

The end result should be something that will make you wonder if the image inside it is actually moving or if it is just your illusion if it moving. To make a Zoetrope you will need the following materials.


- One gallon Ice Cream Container

- Black paint

- Zoetrope animation strips of your choice

- Triangular Microwave rotating ring

- A large rubber band


After you have gathered all of your materials you can now start to build your Zoetrope.

Step 1: Get Your Ice Cream Container & Begin to Paint

When you get your Ice cream container you can now begin to paint it. Once you are ready to start painting you have to pick out the color of your paint. When I painted my container I used a matte black but you can use what ever color you want it does not have to be black. I chose to use a matte black color because I thought that it would make the images inside easier to see when it was spinning.

Step 2: Pick Your Animation Strip & Begin to Cut the Slits on Your Container

Once you have painted your container and it is completely dry you can than begin to look for your animation strip. Once you pick out the animation strip that you want to use you have to make sure that it fits the size of your container so that the animation strip inside can be perfectly visible. After you have picked your animation strip you can begin to cut the slits on the side of your container.

Step 3: How to Make It Spin

To make your zoetrope rotate you can attach one side of a big rubber band to the bottom of the rotating ring. Then you can attach the other end of the rubber band to the bottom of the base. Once you have attached both ends of the rubber band to your base you can now rotate it one direction so that the rubber band in the inside gets enough force so that when you stop rotating it manually it will rotate by itself.

Step 4: Attach the Rotating Ring to Your Container & Your Desired Base

Begin to attach the rotating ring to your container after that you can attach the ring to your desired base. To attach the ring you can just drill a hole into your base so that it will not move while it spins.

Step 5: Try It

Now you just need to rotate it enough one way so that the rubber band in the inside of the base gets enough force so when you let go it rotates on its own.