Introduction: Zomb-Wii

Who can resist a good play on words? This costume was a huge hit Zombie+Wii= "ZOMB-Wii". Made for under $25.


-Recycled Box $ 0 (reduce, reuse, recycle!)

-White Duct Tape $ 6.97 (Home Improvement Store)

-Spray Paint: Grey & White $ 6.24 (Home Improvement Store)

-Green Glow Stick $ .99 (Dollar Store)

-Small Hand Held Light $ 7.99 (Hobby Store)

-Blue Gift Basket Wrapping Film $ 1.99 (Hobby Store)

-Zombie Face Paint $ 0 (already had)

TOTAL-- $24.18

Step 1: Building the Structure

-I found a giant appliance box at our local recycling center and tried to keep as much of the box uncut so I didn't have to piece it together.

- Rough out the general shape and angled out the base of the Nintendo and taped all the pieces together until it looked correct.

Step 2: Buttons

Take a long piece of cardboard and cut a long strip that would fold for the buttons of the console. This was probably the most complicated part, you could also just paint an outline but I wanted to be able to put a glow stick inside to replicate the green power on button. A small circle was cut out for that.

Step 3: Cut Out Details and Reinforce the Seams

Cut the long holes where you would insert a game disc and circle holes for your arms leaving them big enough to move comfortably. I went back and taped the outline of the costume so it would look consistent under the spray paint

Step 4: Paint.

Spray paint a few layers so there were no bare spots those can really show up with a flash at night.

Hand painted the “POWER” “RESET” and “EJECT” under the respective buttons.

Step 5: Finish the Details

To get the bright blue color when a disc is inserted or ejected, tape 3 or 4 layers of the blue wrapping film to the inside of the long cut-outs. Then mounted a small handheld battery operated light with an on/off switch to the top of the inside near the cutouts.

Before I went out for the night I cracked a glow stick and put it in the side slot of the “POWER” button

I wore a white shirt underneath to accentuate the “blue light” white pants would be best if you have them

All that is left to do is paint your face into a zombie if you please

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