Introduction: Zombie Apocalypse Candle

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Whether you're in a sticky situation for light or an zombie apocalypse is knocking at your door here's a candle you can make in 5 minutes with home supplies

Step 1: Things You Need

Aluminum Foil

Step 2: Making the Candle

You can use a regular old crayon Instead of twistables crayons ( I didn't have any regular crayons available)
So back to crayon candle, just take some tin foil out and mold it into a candle holder type shape (if you want to use a coin you can to make sure the candle can stand but this is optional)
And make sure you make a lip at the top so the melted wax wont burn you
And BAM you've made a Zombie Apocalypse candle

Step 3: Another Project

Here's a easy project to just get a lot of crayons your color pick and melt then together
Find a mold and pour it *BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF*
Put a wick in the middle
And once it hardens you got a pretty candle

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