Introduction: Zombie Apocalypse Equipment Cabinet

Zombie apocalypse doesn't give warning. So you must be ready all the time.

In this instructable I introduce how to keep your weapon of choice (chainsaw) always ready to go and easily accessible. Remember, those who are not prepared, are fist to be eaten!

As a bonus: before zombie apocalypse, you have your chanisaw equipment well stored in orderly fashion. And your warehouse/shed/man-cave/fallout shelter gets more room for other projects as the chainsaw is out of your way.

You need:

  • Old window
  • Wood planks
  • Screws, wood plugs and glue
  • Tools
  • Handle for the window
  • Lamp (optional)

Step 1: Framing and Planning

To keep the costs down (so that you can use more money for canned food) we use old window for a door to our cabinet.

Measure the inner sides of the window so that you cabinet will fit snuggly inside the frame.

In this case the measures were 114cm times 48cm.

The depth of the cabinet was chosen to be 40cm because the hardware store had glue planks of that widht.

This gives us following pieces to be made

Top: 1140x400mm

Sides: 480x400mm

Bottom 1102x400mm

Rear panel 1140x480mm

I don't take any responsibility of the measures here, you must plan your own measures according your own window. I strongly recommend that you draw some plans and blueprints on paper as well. Always measure 3 times before cutting.

Step 2: Building Up

When the wood planks are cut into proper measures, it is Ikea time.

I got a handy "stopper" for the drill bit to prevent drilling too deep and to make suitable holes for the wood plugs. Drill the holes to the both ends of the bottom part and to the top end of the side parts.

When the holes on the ends of the planks were ready I used a special marking bits to find exact position to the opposing holes for the wood plugs. Pay attention to the thinkness of your planks so that you don't drill too deep.

Glue the plugs in all holes and build up the frame. Secure each side with screws.

Step 3: Working With the Window

Remove inner hinges of your window.

Since we only need one door cut the extra window out.

If everything went nicely, the box you built earlier should fit inside the window frame as seen in the picture.

Step 4: Build a Coffin

Install the rear panel to your cabinet.

Secure the window frame to the cabinet with screws.

Scrap out the old paint from the frame and from the window. Be very careful that you don't break the glass.

Don't worry if you can't scrap the frame completely clean. Rough looks is better.

Step 5: Little Bit Paint

I recommend also to paint the unfinished wood. This is especially important if your cabinet is located in a moist environment. Moisture in the air can cause the cabinet to twist and bend and it might prevent the door from opening.

Step 6: Lightworks (optional)

This step is optional. But just for illumination and style I choose also to include a small led light inside the cabinet. If you are unsure with electricity works - skipt this step.

Installation procedure is following:

  1. Buy lamp from store
  2. Drive home
  3. Find out that you are missing the small plastic bits to secure the light to the cabinet.
  4. Swear like a lumberjack
  5. Drive back to store in heavy traffic
  6. Get a new lamp (always be polite to the clerks and you might get your lamp changed for free)
  7. Drive home
  8. Measure the centre of the cabinet and attach small plastic bits and lamp
  9. Make hole for the electricity cable to a suitable place
  10. Attach the cables and secure them so that they don't get tangled

Step 7: Paper Works

The zombie apocalypse equipment cabinet needs also clear labeling.

I used a traditional "In case of Zombies - break glass" label. I planned the text with computer and printed out everything on sticker paper. Then I cut out each of the letters. Exacto-knife is good for this work. To make the text fancier I made special bloody Z character.

Make sure that your letters are big enough to be visible. So you might want to try the lay-out couple of times before using expensive sticker paper for the final print.

Step 8: Door Handle

In normal use we don't want to actually break the glass door of the cabinet so I also installed a handle.

Hardware stores have lot's of different kind of handles. Choose a suitable one for your cabinet style. I used very minimalistic design.

Attach the handle to the center of lower window beam.

Step 9: Decorations and Props

Clean the window well from the outside.Lay out the cut out letters to the top of the glass. Read the text couple of times to sopt the spelling mistakes.

It is not necessary to clean the window from the inside. Dusty inside will give nice finishing touch for your cabinet.

Attach needed hooks and screws to the walls of the cabinet to hang all your zombie mauling (or wood working) equipment.

Attach door to the frame and your zombie apocalypse survival cabinet is ready to be placed to easily accessible place.

Step 10: Be Ready!

Zombie outbreak can happen any given day. Be prepared and keep your emergency cabinet illuminated. Stock up with canned food and gasoline. Make sure you can always access to your shelter.

You are ready now to face the doom of the mankind and be among the few survivors.

...Or you are ready to make some firewood. Which ever comes first.

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