Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll Zombie Nails

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Cut up a toilet paper roll to make a couple sets of Zombie Nails!  SUPER cheap, and very easy!  Plus, it's really effective!

Use liquid latex to adhere them, and then all you have to do is gross-i-fy your hands and you're good to haunt!  If you want to get the rest of the look, you can check out my Zombie Makeup Tutorial :)

And here is a very strange video, which you don't need to watch.

Step 1: What You Need

Toilet Paper Roll
Liquid Latex
Blood, fake.
Grey/black eyeshadow - dollar store
Foundation, if you want - dollar store

If you want to use a makeup brush, just know that it's going to be latex-only from now on lol.  I used moisturizer under the latex to get it to peel off easier later. (mostly for my face)

Step 2: Cut Your Nails!

Just cut some strips up and get your sizes correct.  Once you have them all cut, you can clip the corners to have a more "natural" look.  Also , you can kinda pinch it over your nail, so it folds in the center, to concave it to your nail.  Get rough with it!

Step 3: Get Gross With Them!

Time to distress your nails. Cut them, clip them, rip them, sand them, peel them apart, bend them, etc.  You want to age these babies!

Step 4: Press Them On!

Now you can dip your nails in some latex, or paint some latex on your nail, hold it on for a couple seconds and let it get a good stick.  Don't worry about your finger sticking to the latex, and creating tears and strings, these will just add to the look :) .  Now that your nail is glued on, take your crappy brush, with some latex on it, and dab it all around the nail.  The base, the sides and then at your fingertip, just to make sure it is stuck all around.

Tip:  My latex "dish" is really a glass candle holder.  :)

Step 5: Make Your Hand Gross!

Now, you could do this before or after the nails, but paint some latex on the top of your hand, your fingers, your palm.  Let it dry, add another layer, dry, layer, etc.  Then you can go into it, pinch, pull, wrinkle, cut, make holes, etc.  This will age your hand and make it gross with wounds.

The only thing - you may need help doing your other hand.  OR, you can do the nails for each hand, then the latex, let one hand dry really well, then do your other hand.  The nails won't fall off, they are really sturdy!  :)  

For the hand makeup, make sure that you carry the look up to your arm, whatever will be showing.  You don't want to use latex on hair, but you can dab some eye shadow and make it rub in, to look like bruises.  Basically, the step after latex, would be foundation.  This will make an even skin tone.  Once that dries, you add your shading and accent the edges, make it dead!

Step 6: Make It Bloody!

Now that you have your wounds and dead hand(s), you need blood!  Use the blood spatter effect by flicking blood onto yourself with a bad paintbrush.  Put some dark blood in the center of any wounds and then let the red blood flow naturally.  You don't want it to look painted.  We are going for an organic look!

Have fun with it!  Enjoy the cheapness of Toilet Paper Roll Prosthetics !!

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