Introduction: Zombie Lanyard and Zombie Doll With LED Eyes

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Since I had material enough for 2 lanyards when I made the Emperor's New Groove one, I decided to make a Zombie one for my little sister who is obsessed with the undead. Here is what I did:

First get the stuff you need:

material to make lanyard (about a 1/8 yard)
clippy thing( think its called aligator clip but not sure)
clip that detaches bottom from lanyard (I used overall clips cause I wanted to be different!)
needle and thread and scissors and sewing pins
Sharpie and fabric markers
printed words in the font you like (I used ZOMBIE GIRL in a font from
Zombie photo
little doll (mine came from dollar general)
clear coat spray
2 LEDs
electrical tape
electric candle thing (comes in 3 packs at dollar tree)
hot glue and glue gun


Main part:
1.To make the lanyard cut a strip of fabric to the length you desire with a width twice as wide as you want it.
2.Fold the fabric in half lengthwise so that the wrong side of it faces out. (inside out) fabric in place and sew down the long side
4.Turn it inside out (which will make it right side out)
5.tuck the seams of the end inside and sew the ends shut
6. If desired, sew along all the edges to help it lay flat (mine was all poofy and I wanted it flat)
7. wrap it around your neck to make sure of the fit, then line up the ends one on top of the other
8. insert the ends into your chosen clip, then realign the ends against the lanyard on the back and pin down
9. Sew the ends to the lanyard

Detachable part:
1. cut a short stripof fabric. The width of mine varied, it tapered at the end so that it was small enough to go through my clip at the bottom. you can make it all one width if you prefer.
2. put the strip through the hole on the clip and then align the ends of the strip.The clip should hang at the bottom of the strip
3. begin on one side. Start at the clip and work your way up the strip turning the edges inside a little and sewing in place.
4. do the same on the other side
5. check the length and adjust if needed then turn the edges in on the end and sew in place.
6. If you picked a different clip, you need to put it on and sew in place like we did before, if you have the overall kind, just put the button on the end of the strip in the center.
7. connect button to overall clip and admire your awesome handywork


1. Find a font you like and download it
2. type out the word or words you want in a font size large enough to fit on your lanyard the way you want it and print it out
3. Trim the excess paper leaving just the words ( I had issues and did individual letters)
4. Turn the paper over and cover the back in graphite: just color it all with a pencil
5. Turn over right side up and place it on the lanyard where you want it
6. Hold it or tape it in place and use a pencil to trace over the word. When you do, where you mark on the paper will cause the graphite on the back to press into the lanyard and leave the graphite behind. It's basically just making your own transfer paper.
7. Remove the paper and check your transfer. Trace over the transfer with a sharpie marker

8. Do the same with the zombie photo; find and print a zombie picture in a useable size, cover the back in pencil, place it on the lanyard and trace, then finally trace over it in sharpie
9. Use the fabric markers to add some color if desired


1. Get a small doll with a hollow head to zombify
2. Cut out a portion of the back of the head to get access to inside the head.
3. Drill a hole through each eye and make it wide enough to accomodate an LED snugly
4. Paint the doll to look creepy and zombie like
5. take it outside and give it a few coats of clear coat and leave to dry

6. Get one of the LED candle things and remove the top cover
7. Observe the workings. When you slide the power switch to the on position, it moves a small bit of wire with it. This little shift allows the wire to make contact with the positive leg of the LED. The negative leg of the LED goes down through the base to the battery compartment. The negative of the battery makes direct contact with this leg and the power switch has a little wire on the side that makes contact with the positive side of the battery.
8. cut two short lengths of wire and strip the ends
9. wrap one end of one of these around the negative leg of the LED near the base of the LED
10. wrap one end of the other wire around the positive leg of the LED near the base of the LED
11. The wires have several strands of wire inside that you can see when you strip it. Seperate the strands into 2 groups. Do this for both the wires.
12. Cut 4 short lengths of wire and strip the ends
13. wrap one end of the wire around one of the groups of strands of wire. You should now have two wires coming from the LED that then split in two leaving you with 4 wires, 2 positive and 2 negative.
14. get 2 LEDs of your choice of color and wrap one positive wire around the pos leg and one negative wire around the neg leg of each LED. (see the cruddy diagram above :p)
15. Test the wiring by pushing the switch into the ON position. All 3 LED's should light up.

16. Retrieve the doll and press one LED into each eye socket from the inside of the head
17. press the plastic candle base into the hole in the head so that there is easy access to the power switch
18. Hot glue it in place
19. Arrange the hair to cover the hole in the head

20. Now if you want to put the doll on the lanyard just put the clip on using a bit of the hair.


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