Zombie Party Spread

Introduction: Zombie Party Spread

This picture shows the food for a halloween party: 

"Acid Bath Skull" - prosciutto laid over a plastic skull (I also tied to use capicola, but this looks much scarier/realistic), cocktail onions for the eyes, on a bed of crackers.

"Bat wings" - food coloring on wings.  I found teriyaki worked best for the black wings, and hot wings work best for the bright red.

"Zombie Baby Dip" - just a dollar store baby doll with the stomach cut out, filled with french onion dip and green food coloring.  I also blacked out the eyes on the baby to make it more creepy (but less creepy at the same time).

"Died Scabs" - dried cranberries in a glass bowl

"Zombie C**k" (a salami log with matching cheese balls on either side... it was a very adult party)

"Brain Hemmorage Shots" - pour 3/4ers a shot of peach schnopps, slowly spoon baileys over it, carefully drip a drop of grenadine into the center.  Looks disgusting, tastes amazing.

"Halloween Screwdrivers" - orange juice with black vodka slowly spooned over the top (I used black food coloring, but it can be bought premade as well).

"Slimey Appletini" - standard appeltini, with green food coloring for an extra kick, and garnished with gummie body parites (widely available around halloween).

In the background you can also see the Zombie Wedding Cake that is posted in another photo.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Cool. A few of these are already on Instructables, but we would love to see some steps to create the rest!