Introduction: Zombie Truck, How to Make a Huge Truck With Arduino

Hi guys, today i'm gonna show you how to make a zombie truck (upgraded monster truck which runs on arduino)

The materials are as follows:


1. Arduino Uno

2. L298n Motor Driver

3. A Lot of jumper wires

4. HC-05 Bluetooth Module

5. Powerful Geared Motors 2x

6. Switch

7. Servo (SG90s)

8. Battery pack (11.1v to 12 v).

9. launch motor 2x

10. relay 5v

11. 220k resistor 6x

12. LEDs 6x (2 white, 2 red, 2 yellow)

13. Buzzer

Step 1: The Circuit

Do the connection as follows.

Step 2:

The code:

download it as link is given

Step 3:

The software: Arduino Bluetooth rc car

Step 4:

Your car is ready

Thank You :-)

Step 5: