Introduction: Zombie Carryng a Half Zombie!

This costume was made for a Zombie walk in Fayetteville, NC

Step 1:

To make it, I had to create a fake torso, this was made using a technique called tape sculpting, in which you tape around someone's body an then you cut it, essentially making a cast of them. Then I taped two fake hands to the ends of the arms and added a frame to make it easier to carry. The two metal tubes will later go inside my pants pockets to hold it up. An old jacket was added to cover the torso, and a hole is made halfway on the back, for my body to go into.

Step 2:

The head is a store bought head from a Halloween store, I cut a hole on the bottom of it and took the stuffing out, then I cut out the eyes, and added some puppet eyes which allow me to move the eyes left and right. the head is now a puppet which I can control its eyes and mouth.

Step 3:

I had to make another arm, to which I attached a fake hand from the dollar store. And made fake guts using old yarn and cloth sewed into tubes. Then added lots of liquid latex and then painted with red spray paint. All these were then attached to some thin cardboard to make the shape of the back torso. Two old shirts were then used to cover all this up.

Step 4:

To get into the costume, one must simply slip into the first torso. Then you put on the back piece with the fake arm, and put your arm thru the long-sleeved shirt. Then run your hand into the chest cavity and out thru the top. last part of putting the Zombie together is to attach the head and your done. Well except for some make up.

Step 5:

Last step is to go out and have fun scaring and freaking people out. we don't recommend running in this. Which i did... not the best idea. It turns out this costume is awesome to look at, great for scaring kids and their parents, but is a terrible costume for running hahaha. Somehow i managed to stay in first for the beginning of the race but people in shorts and t-shirts started passing me. i came in, in 5th place, which i am very proud of because i had all this extra weight, i could only use one of my arms, was wearing jeans, and was wearing two long sleeves and a short sleeve. we could say i came in 6th the zombie did in fact beat me by a head.

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