Zombie-proof Bicycle

Introduction: Zombie-proof Bicycle

Be in no doubt, the zombie apocalypse is coming...and sooner rather than later. Bicycles are already the quickest way to get around town, but the chronic shortage of oil following the rise of the undead will render cars all but useless, so bikes will be the only way for survivors to travel.

Act now.

Step 1: 1. Donor Bike

Find yourself a donor bike. We bought one new for £80, but any mountain bike will do.

Step 2: Build Your Flamethrower

For the flamethrower, you will need a length of drain pipe with end cap, a supply of flash paper and some party poppers.

Drill a 4mm hole in the end cap.

Carefully disassemble the party popper. Discard the plastic casing and ribbons so you are left with the paper cap and string. Pass the string through the hole in the drain pipe cap do that the string is on the outside. Replace the plastic cap in the end of the drain pipe.

Roll some flash paper into a ball, place in the drain pipe and push it down to the end.

To fire the flame thrower, pull the string. See demo below.

Step 3: Smoke Genade

You'll need a smoke screen for when zombies attack. There are many cheap smoke grenadesd available to buy online, but we chose the Enola Gaye EG-18 in a fetching green. We cable tied the grenade to the front fork of the bicycle.

Step 4: Mounting Board

You'll need a board so that you can attach a hatchet etc. We used sections of an old fence, which we drilled and riveted to the bike frame.

Step 5: Dressing

We used plaster strips to dress the bike and then sprayed it with matt black, brown and red spray paint.

The aerosol can marked 'gas' is one of the empty paint cans. the pipe connecting it to the flamethrower is from an old washing machine. We attached an old battery powered chain saw to the mounting board.

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    Abhijit Borah
    Abhijit Borah

    7 years ago

    What's going to happen if I make this rig and become a zombie myself?


    Reply 7 years ago

    The bike is designed to be almost impossible to operate if afflicted with the atrophy or mutilation associated with zombie mutation. In other words, they find the flame thrower really hard to use without fingers


    7 years ago

    Whoever isn't ready for the zombie apocalypse, needs to get on this asap!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Better dont get involved in an accident on the way to the apocalypse ;)