Zombie Skin and Wounds

Introduction: Zombie Skin and Wounds

About: the zombie guy Sorry for not replying to all the posts in the past. Ill try to get online more often to answer some of your questions.

heres another makeup tutorial for zombie skin and wounds.

Step 1: Supplies

1.  Liquid latex
2.  Bruise wheel
3.  Sponges (optional)
4.  Scissors or a modeling tool
5.  Translucent Face Powder

Step 2: Instructions

cover the area you are working on in latex. wait a couple minutes for it to dry then apply face powder to get rid of the shiny reflection.  take the bruise wheel and apply makeup.  its up to you to decide what colors to use.  in this picture i was just messing around with the colors i had.  gently pinch your skin to pull  up a small amount of latex.  dont pull too hard or the latex will tear.  carefully take the scissors or modeling tool and cut the top end off.  this will cause the latex to tear in a circular shape.  take two fingers and place them inside the hole(s) and pull the latex apart (you dont have to do this for each wound).  grab the bruise wheel and apply makeup to the inside of the wounds (you dont have to do this if you plan on using fake blood).  thats pretty much it, your done.

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    it is very impressive but personally i dont think it looks realistic, but everyone has their own opinions... i blame watching to many horror movies:P


    11 years ago on Introduction

    How long did this make up stay on? If I were to do this to my hands and go to a party would it last all night or would I have to be gentle with my hands to not ruin it? Looks awesome, I really look forward to trying it out.


    11 years ago on Step 2

    Excellent tutorial! I'm going to use this and some other zombie effects for a short film being made this summer!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Nice skin looks quite appetizing and too real