Introduction: Zombies

Hello everyone, we are Ralica Kovacheva and Yulian Georgiev. Halloween is a very special day for us - the day we

spend together, sharing ideas, making costumes and writing this essay. We want to continue the tradition of Hallowen and this year we choose to be the strange creatures from the popular horror movie "Wrong Turn". We spend long hours thinking of how they can be not just costumes but also unique. We decided that our costumes will be homemade because in our small country you can hardly find professional materials and if you purchase it will take a long time before they come to you, so that the only thing we bought was the fake blood. Here's what we came up. We had to figure out how we can become wrinkled and we thought that we can use dough, painted with food coloring which covers some parts of our bodies. We chose the clothes and the shoes that most closely resemble the zombies. But after time spent in sewing and tearing we found that all zombies have the same styling and to make a selfie, which depicts the hardest and unique work is enough. Instead of glue we used glucose. The hardest part was the artificial eye which we made from handpainted glass boll. For foundation we used a mixture of jelatine and gliseryn. And finally to attach the spirit of Hallowen we used many fake blood and dark eyeshadows . Actually almost everything is made up from dough and precisely blended with jelatin and makeups.We'd like to say that we were not trying to be the same like the characters from the movie but just to save the idea.And here we are after long hours of working.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Well, let me just say, these are some of the most effectively gross-looking zombie faces I've seen in a long time. And considering your materials, very impressive work!