Introduction: ZUNO Clip Creatures

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Hello engineers and future engineers! In today's instructable we are presenting an excellent project for kids and adults alike. Our zUNO clip creatures were originally inspired by the Despicable Me minions as a way to get kids excited about engineering. Simple to make, these creatures certainly have a unique personality that is easy to adapt depending on what supplies you have around the house. Without further ado, let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

This project is highly adaptable and an easy way to use any crafting supplies you have around the house. While we used our Digilent zUNO Clips (which you can purchase here:, you can also use any objects that are similarly shaped and found around your house (ex. toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, or popsicle sticks).

Other materials we suggest using for this project are googly eyes, felt shapes, pipe cleaners, buttons, beads, and any other crafting materials you can find. Don't forget a hot glue gun or other connecting device for putting it all together!

Step 2: Deciding Your ZUNO Clip Personalities

In this step you can try different combinations of what materials you found, experimenting with what looks best together. Testing what features you want to combine will help you create a cohesive zUNO clip creature personality.

If working with kids, take this time to ask them questions about their zUNO clip creature. Will they be able to look in both directions (i.e. by gluing their googly eyes back to back) or maybe they'll have a funny mustache. Starting the conversation now will begin the story telling process and enable future stories to be built after zUNO clip creature completion.

Step 3: Putting It All Together!

Once you have decided your zUNO clip creature personalities (REMEMBER: these may not be set in stone! Allow room for improvisation as ideas are formed), begin connecting craft materials together. This stage often requires adult supervision or assistance, especially if using a hot glue gun. Make sure you continue asking questions when working with kids to confirm each creature part is attached correctly.

In our example we decided to give our zUNO creatures mustaches and hair by attaching a felt star to the center of each clip. We then attached one set of eyes back to back and glued these on top of our mustache. For our other zUNO clip creature we attached the eyes on either side of our felt star to replicate a yellow head of hair.

Other variations we created used leftover twist ties and clear tape to attach googly eyes through the zUNO clip holes. Adding a tongue with sticky notes creates a mischievous personality for an otherwise simple creature.

Step 4: Final Touch-ups

Hot glue is great for many projects but its adaptability can sometimes require touch-ups. If handled roughly these zUNO clip creatures may lose an eye (or other parts), but this is not a big problem. Just plug in your glue gun and retouch what accidents may happen.

Now you have a fully functional, one of a kind zUNO clip creature to enjoy each day to come. Happy creating!

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