Zwift Ambilight and Heart Rate Zone Smartbulb Lamp

Introduction: Zwift Ambilight and Heart Rate Zone Smartbulb Lamp

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Here we build a little BIG improvement for Zwift.

You have at the end a ambilight for more riding fun in the dark.

And you have a lamp (Yeelight) for your heart rate zones.

I use here 2 Raspberry PI, if you want only the Yeelight you need only 1 PI if you want the complete Show you need 2 PI's

Lets start with some stuff:

Step 1: Hardware

You need for the Ambilight this Tutorial:

I dont write a new one, because this is great. But do ONLY the Hardware setting and not the Software

I give you a ready IMAGE for the Software.

There are links to buy, but you can also buy some parts on

I buy my cable and E27 Socket from there also the powersupply:

For the power supply you can use

or better a closed one:

They have also the cable to solder and cable bridges for the raspberry:

And the PI Bundle you need:

The Yeelight i bought from ebay.

Step 2: Software for Ambilight TV

Here is a premade image for your raspberry with a Kodi openelec image:

and a RGB Testsequence:

Just transfer the Image with Diskimager if you use Windows

If you use Windows and you have openelec connectd to your network you can browse the Folders

with windows:

Put in Folder Configfiles this hyperion Config:

then restart your openelec

If you make all right a effect is showing after booting

Put the RGB Test Sequence in Videos and enjoy the show.

Lets jump to the yeelight

Step 3: Software for Yeelight on the Other PI

It is always good to have more then 1 PI :)

On the 2. we install our yeelight and the Zwift connection.

The Reason is, that you cannot install stuff on openelec like GIT etc.

Just install an Image from

then install GIT

sudo apt-get install git

after that follow here, i have forked a git to make it easier:

I choose this, because you can also control a FAN, thanks goes to DKanjuh for it!

For controlling the yeelight you need to activate the LAN-Control of your yeelight, see image.

Follow the Installation instruction there, if you want to control a fan, make your hardware and settings.

If you just want the yeelight, open the with

sudo nano and change lines

bulb = Bulb("", auto_on=True, effect="smooth", duration=timeout) #IP Address of your bulb have to be replaced

#replace your Heart Rate Zone hereHerzfrequenz = 0Herzschwelle1 = 70Herzschwelle2 = 90Herzschwelle3 = 100

cli = Client('YourMailAdress', 'YourPassword')

you can adjust the colors here:

bulb.set_rgb(0, 255, 0)

If you want to add zones you can add Herzschwelle4, Herzschwelle5 etc....

then you add:

if Herzfrequenz >= Herzschwelle4: bulb.set_rgb(255, 0, 0) time.sleep(1)

and so on. I work on the script to make more zones and easier to handle and improvements.

If ready, you need to start Zwift and go into a drive, dont forget to put the chest strap for heart rate on.

The start your yeelight script with:

sudo python

If you have some missing libraries you need to install them with pip:

for yeelight do

pip install yeelight


sudo pip install yeelight

Step 4: Trouble Shooting

Long cables are always bad, try to use short cables. The HDMI Signal should not go throug a cable longer

then 5 Meters. Otherwise put the HDMI Splitter near the TV.

Before you cut the Stripes make a TEST on the floor... Is it all right connected?

Poor Power Supply, dont use your mobile charger! Use a stable Powersupply with enough power!

I had problems with the Edge Connector Clips for the stripes, where you dont need to solder.

Solder it! If you cant, ask a friend, the stripes are easy for every hobbiest to solder.

Clean your TV before you add the Stripe.

You deal with Real Power, so turn it off when you working on the powersupplies!

Reminder for me! Add more images :)

More images added

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