Introduction: Zybo Game Console

About: The project was launched during the summer school in 2016,the idea was to make retro gaming console. Project is separated in few stages.We finished first one and started with second one. The main goal of the p…

Hello everyone,
In this instructable I will show you how to make your own game console.

Step 1: Step 1: Parts and Tools


Only oscilloscope if you somewhere get in trouble with signals.


Zybo (ZYnq BOard)

VGA monitor

2 x Pmod JSTK2

Step 2: Download and Install Necessary Files

*From the following link download and install Vivado 2017.1

*Download and install Board Files from following link in order to get "Zybo" option in Vivado

*After successful installation, download FINALrar file with designs.

Step 3: Unrar and Import Designs Into Vivado

*Next steps are crucial.
*As soon as you download FINAL.rar file unrar it.

*After that run Vivado and follow steps for creating new project.

1)In the Vivado toolbar you should see a "File" button, click on it.

2)Click on "New Project", now there should be a "New Project Wizard".

3)Enter a name and location for the project and click "Next".

4)In this stage it is very important to set "default board" to Zybo.

5)Click "Next" and after that "Finish" *Finally we create a new project for Zybo.

*Next we need to import design files and generate bitstream.

*After successfully generated bitstream, export hardware including a bitstream.

*After all, Lunch SDK.

Step 4: Let's Play

*Connect a VGA monitor, joysticks and power supply to your board.

*Program FPGA with included bitstream.

*Build source code and run solution.


Step 5: Documentation

*For further information check project documentation.

Thank you for attention.