A Little Round Swing

Introduction: A Little Round Swing

With these instruction you can build your own swing in a matter of hours and that is easily to take with you.

Step 1: The Materials You Need

  • a peace of wood from a thickness of 13mm;
  • a strong rope (you can choose the lenght);
  • a knife to cut the robe, (if you need one);
  • a toolbox saw;
  • a Drill
  • some paint

Step 2: Making the Seat

First of all you need to have a cirkel of wood the diameter doesn't matter.

The second thing you have to make are 4 holes in the seat for the peaces of rope to fit through

the third thing you have to make at each quarter of the cirkel are 4 gaps you can saw that out. The reason you need those four gaps is because if you take your swing with you, you can role the rope in those four caps so you need to have one hand to transport the swing

Step 3: Making the Ropeholder

Saw a peace of wood and round off the corners a bit;

Then you have to drill 4 holes again in a triangle ( drill holes that are a little big bigger in diameter than your rope).

Step 4: Making the Height Regulator

First you take a little block of wood you can choose what shape

Then at the top of the block you have to drill a diagonal hole throw the block, now you have to drill an other hole horizontal off the upper side (also here make a hole that is a little big bigger in diameter than your rope).

At the drawing you can see how the rope must be insurted.

Step 5: Paint Your Swing

So if you want you can give your swing a color

Step 6: Putting the Ropes in the Holes

On the picture you can see how you need to insert your robe in the swing

  1. first take the rope and put it in your height regulator under your swing en pul it al through. take your swing a throw it over something you want to swing on
  2. put your robe in the second hole
  3. punt your robe in the thirt hole at the bottom of your swing
  4. put your robe in the last hole not all the way and make a simpel not to secure the rope

you have also follow those stap to put your rope throw the ropeholder

Step 7: Testing the Swing

Here is a video how I test my swing

testing my swing

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