Introduction: A Few Tips for Winning Monopoly.

here is a few tips to wining monopoly almost every time.

Step 1: Starting the Game.

first set up the game choose some one you have won with before it seems to help. Now that you have started the game role one dice to see who goes first.

Step 2: Which Property's to Buy

in monopoly there are some property's that are good and some not so good so here is a list of then.

1. purple property's really good.
2. the train property's good.
3. light blue property's second best.
4. pink property's good.
5. sewer and light property's good.
6. orange property's pretty good.
7. red property's not so good.
8. yellow property's are really good so get them!!
9. green property's not so good.
10. dark blue property's are the best!!

Step 3: If You Get in Jail

if you get in jail just pay the 50 dollar fee it is no big deal it's better then missing four of your turn so pay it!

Step 4: THE END.

if you follow these tips it should help you get better.