Introduction: A Guide of How to Play Pok E'mon !

So into Pokemon? I am too. if you have bought Pokemon ruby or so on you should find this helpful.  

Step 1: Getting Started

 find the locals. sometimes people around you have advice. some will even give you gifts like a pokedex! ( etc ) 
most of the locals will tell you how to play. don't worry. that's my job!

Step 2: Pokemon

soon after looking at the town , go into the tall grass! if you had met professor birch he will give you some poke balls
use that to find poke Mon! if a poke Mon jumps out at you while your in long grass it will duel you.
if its health bar goes to low orange or red use the poke ball to capture it. if you do you will get to use 
that poke Mon against other poke Mon instead of the one  professor birch gave you! 

Step 3: Adventure!

now your set! you can travel away from your home! the further you go the better the poke Mon are! now your off!