Introduction: "a Little Love Time Capsule " - Letter in a Bottle


For all out there who want to make something special by yourself to make your valentine feel special here goes a simple easy to make letter in a bottle.

Happy St.Valentine's Day ,Enjoy !!!

Step 1: Make the Outer Box Ready for Wrapping the Bottle In.

Please take craft/crepe paper and golden ribbon or bands available at your stationery stores and use design cutting scissors .

Cut the craft paper and glue it in the form of a box as per image.Glue the golden band at the bottom of the box all around.

Once dried fill the box with different colored craft paper

Cut a plastic paper (preferably transparent) or gift paper (transparent with heart designs) and keep it ready to cover the box with a silver colored ribbon .

Step 2: Making the Bottle Ready for the Letter in the Bottle

I used a plastic rose water bottle (transparent), you can use any glass bottle preferably small sized.

Tie a silver colored band outside the bottle neck with v shape cuts at the edge of the ribbon as shown in the image.

I have used sea shells ,a artificial flower stem,a button (here you can use stuff that means something to the person you are giving it to) to fill the bottle ,you can use beach sand too.

Step 3: Making the Letter Ready

You can use colored paper or textured paper ,I have kept it simple and used a normal A4 size print paper.

Cut the paper in a rectangular shape to resemble a scroll refer the image,so you can roll it up like a scroll and it could fit the bottle.

(Please cut the paper size as per your bottle size,the paper size should (in height) be a little below the bottle neck or just touching the start of the bottle neck).

Use Calligraphy pen or normal pen to write out a personalized letter  or message ,You can end the letter with "This is a Love  Time Capsule which we will open next Valentines again with lots of more memories,happiness and <3"

or any message as per your wishes.

Roll the paper in a form of a scroll and tie it up with a thin satin ribbon (red color) or any tying thread as shown in the image.

And place it inside the bottle,make sure the scroll is touching  the bottle neck .

Place a bigger Sea shell at the opening of the bottle (as a wine cork ) as per image ,make sure the tip of the sea shell goes inside the paper scroll so it can be used to pick it up when the person opens the bottle.

Step 4: Fragrance (optional,please Avoid If the Person Is Allergic to Colognes,perfumes Etc)

On the outside side of the bottle on the silver ribbon tied in a bow shape (bottle neck) pls put a few drops of fragrance or perfume or cologne that the person likes.

I have used a aroma therapy drops as seen in the image.

Step 5: Place the Bottle in the Outer Box With Colored Papers Filled Inside As Per Step 1.

Finally you have to place the bottle in the box made as per step 1 and wrap it in the transparent gift paper and tie it with silver colored ribbon with v shaped edges (cut with scissors).

Put a few drops of fragrance or cologne/perfume on the ribbon (subtle hint not too strong) you don't want the person sneezing all over the place or you :)

And voila that's the finished final product of all your efforts , "a little love time capsule " personalized and made by you.

Please feel free to use some more creativity i.e small label attached to ribbon on the outer wrap stating "Made for (persons name)" ....

Have a fun time making it and making the person feel special.

Thank you for the time ,Hope you liked it.

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