A Wooden Toy Car

Introduction: A Wooden Toy Car

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in this instructable i am going to make a cool toy car out of scrap wood and a old bike tire (only if you make your one wheels ) . kids love it , it takes you only a couple of hours , its a cool gift for cristmas and you can make endless variations .

so grab your scrap bin and make this project

and dont forget to vote on the wood contest ;D

Step 1: The Body

  • i used a 2cm thick and 4cm wide piece of crap wood to make the body but a 2 by 2 cm piece would be easier
  • i think drawing the body free handed al lot more easy than making a tamplate , to avoid split ofs you can use some cleare packing tape
  • don`t throw the cut of ( picture 3 ) away you can use it for the head of the driver

Step 2: Dril Some Holes

drill with a 6mm drill bit the holes for the axis on the marked spot in the picture

and than drill with a 8mm drill bit the hole fore the ``neck of the driver`` you can make that by glue in a small peace of wood

Step 3: Making the Head

take the scrap peace of wood from step one and make a cube out of it

than drill a 8 mm hole in it but only half througt than put in some decorative spikes for the eys

and glue the whole peace on to the body

Step 4: The Axis and the Wheels

you can cut the axes out of another peace of scrap wood i made them 4 cm long and 2mm thick

the wheels are made oud of 2cm by 2cm of wood . i roundet over the edges with a file and than cutted of 3 mm thick peaces

Step 5: Rubber Around the Wheels

for this part you need the inner tire of a bicycle and some all glue.

cut 3 peaces of tire of the same ticnes as the wheels , than make a cut in 2 of the rubbers and glue the first 2 peaces arount the wooden wheel .

put some extra glue on the third (uncut) peace of rubber an force it around the hole thing .this dont need any clamping pressure .

repead the proces 3 times and the weels are ready

Step 6: The Last Step :D

try finding the center of the wheels. this dont has to be purfect but the more center the more smoother the ride.

than drill a 3 mm hole in the center and put come glue in it . than put the axis true (picture 3 ) .

than put the wheel and axis throught the holes in the body of the car. put some glue on the and and put the other wheel on .

now you are done . and ready to make somebody happy

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, that's a neat looking wooden car! Keep up the good work!

    sir woodster
    sir woodster

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thank you

    once you get tha hang of it , you can make even replica`s of real cars.

    i did that with the vw beetle

    sir woodster
    sir woodster

    7 years ago on Introduction

    its a real fun prodject and it only takes a couple of houers so have fun