Introduction: Add a Pc Sync Jack to a Nikon Sc-28 Ttl Cable (use Auto Settings for an on Camera Flash and Trigger Off Camera Flashes!!)

in this instructable i will show you how to remove one of those pesky proprietary 3pin TTL connectors on the side of a Nikon SC-28 off camera TTL cable and replace it with a standard PC sync connector. this will allow you to use a dedicated flash, such as a SB-600 on a flash bracket and also trigger off camera lights with a radio trigger when your camera doesn't have a built in PC connector. this way you can have an automatically set flash on camera and a more powerful manual flash mounted in the ceiling or on a tall light stand for event photography.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

you'll need
  • a Nikon SC-28 (of course)
  • PC sync Jack
  • tiny cross head jewelers screw driver
  • soldering iron
  • wire cutters
  • some wire
  • solder

Step 2: Find a PC Sync Jack and Prep It

mine came out of an old cactus trigger i had (these things are a waste of money... triggers maybe 1 out 5 times) i would have liked to use mini phono jacks because they're way more reliable but i just could not fit one inside the SC-28 and the skyports included a cable to attach them to a pc jack so i just used that

once you have your sync connector you'll want to prep it by soldering it up and wrapping it in a small amount of ELECTRICAL TAPE... i used masking tape because it was all i had but that is BAD

Step 3: Stick the Pc Port Inside the SC-28

you will need to take out the 4 screws on the bottom of flash end of the SC-28. once your inside of the shoe just snip the 3 wire going to one of the nikon sync outlets, solder the pc sync jack onto the bottom pins of the shoe cram it all in and close it back up. YOUR DONE!!! ITS THAT SIMPLE!!! now you can automatically expose your fill light and and fill the room with a more powerful main light.


now go take some good pictures