Introduction: Add an Extra Button to Your Jeans for the Best Fit

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As someone with large hips and a much smaller waist, I've always got the dreaded "gap at the back of the waist" issue with jeans. Larger hips also mean that my jeans stretch out quicker, which leads to them sliding down a couple days after they've been washed. 

Belts only make the gaping at the back of my jeans worse and I find them pretty uncomfortable, so I wanted a different solution.

While brainstorming, I remembered a product I bought a few years ago from Bristols 6 called the Adjust-A-Button and knew I wanted something like that again. They were really handy, but they'd only last a few months before they'd get bent and start falling off. 

This solution is cheaper and solves all sorts of issues:
  • second and third wear jean stretch
  • expanding the waist line to deal with weight gain
  • bringing jeans in when you lose weight and you're in-between sizes
  • correcting/lessening waist gaps

Step 1: What You'll Need:

You'll want to make sure you've got a new button that matches the size of the original one - sizes vary just a bit!

Step 2: Placing the New Button

Make sure you do this step with worn jeans - freshly washed and shrunk jeans will give you the wrong result.

I put on my jeans and pulled the buttonhole past the first button and to a place where the jeans fit nice and snug. Once I knew where I needed to put the new button, I marked it. (place the button closer to the edge of the waistband if you want to expand!)

Now you'll want to push the back of the button through to the front of the waistband.

Step 3: Installing the New Button

Place the button face down on a rigid surface. (I'm using an old cutting board so I don't damage my tabletop.)

Insert the back of the button into the front and bring the hammer down on it until it's well seated. This might take a few swings. Test the button by pulling on the front of it - if there's any wiggle or a gap between the button and the fabric, hammer again.

Step 4: And You're Done!

Rejoice in not having to buy a new pair of jeans/use a belt/staying comfortable. :D

The only downside (and it's very slight!) is that the fly of your jeans will be skewed to the left or right a little. But it's much better than having a line from a belt, I think!

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