Adding Photos to a Psp

Introduction: Adding Photos to a Psp

In this instructable I will be showing you two ways to put pictures onto a PSP. This is my first instructable so comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
-note: i am using windows vista for this so it may not work on a different computer.

Step 1: Way Number 1

There are a few ways to put pictures on a PSP. The first way is by means of the memory stick duo.

Step 2: Insert the Memory Stick

insert the memory stick into the drive labeled Duo (it may have some other labels too).

Step 3: Opening the PSP's Memory

An autoplay window should have popped up. Click open folder to view files. If the autoplay window didn't show up, click the start button, then click on computer,locate the icon for the drive that has the memory stick in it and open it.

Step 4: Adding the Pictures

Create a folder labeled PICTURE(unless there already is one) and open it.
Now, find the pictures that you want to put on the PSP on you computer and drag them to the window that shows what's in the folder that we just made labeled PICTURE. They should appear in the folder.

Step 5: USB Method

Now for the second method to put pictures on you psp.
Plug one end of a USB cord into your psp, and plug the other end into your computer and select USB Connectionon the psp. Now just follow the same instructions in the last two steps.

Step 6: The End

i have shown you two ways to put pictures on a PSP. also check out this must have altoids PSP charger instructable by Jacob S.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    the pro duo sticks are the same as the ones for my camera. so can i take pictures and set them as the background without pc?


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with Decepticon. The explanation is clear, but some pictures are very bad. This is an encouragement to go on with better and better instructables.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Not bad for a 1st Instructable. But a few suggestions: Take better pictures, if the pics are blurry they don't really show what you are trying to convey via visual aid. It only takes a second to take another pic or two. Also, find a freeware screen capture program for windows. There are plenty of them out there and it will make a better pic of your screen. At the very least use Window's built in screen capture (CTRL+PrintScreen). Although it's not as capable as a separate program, but it works. The moire pattern from the LCD/Monitor makes it hard to look at sometimes. You also may want to convey that not every computer has a MS-DUO-Pro card reader slot. Cheers!