Introduction: Advanced Rubber Band Warfare

hello this is hibatchi cow. There is a thing out in the vast world of hurting people called rubber band warfare ( for people who don't have enough money for airsoft paintball etc. or for people like me who are too lazy to get out airsoft my stuff).

Step 1: The Gun Grip

in the first step i will tell you how to use the gun grip. put the end of the rubber band on your little finger. wrap the rubber band  around your thumb and stick it on your pointer finger. to fire move your little finger. To hold two rubber bands do the same thing except start with the rubber band on the finger closest to the little finger. Then do the exact same thing. Fire the one on your little finger first.

Step 2: Close Combat

in this step i will show you the close combat grip. It is really hard to take a picture with no hands so i drew a cruddy picture. First take the rubber band and put it on your thumb and pointer finger. then take the bottom rubber band and pull it up. go up close to someone and release.

Step 3:

this step is sort of a conclusion / instruction. I cant take a picture of this so i will try to explain. This is the grip most people know. Take the rubber band on the tip of your thumb. Pull it back and fire. Have fun and don't kill anyone.