Airsoft Grenade




Introduction: Airsoft Grenade

this is my first instructable so bare with me on this.  in this instructable we will be making an airsoft grenade and pull pin igniter out of normal household junk (and some not so junk.) it didnt cost me anything and im 12 so once again bare with me on this. ALWAYS have a lighter or matches if the pin is a dud. and dont forget to throw it. The fuse might be different lengths, too. 

Step 1: Materials

Your grenade will need:
-scissors (i used the scissors on my multitool)
-tape (anykind will do but i used scotch)
-ruler (on my multitool, too)
-airsoft bbs
-firecracker (i used a bottle rocket but it explodes)
your pin igniter will need:
-paper clip (mine are funky but you just gotta bend normal ones)
-matchbook sandpaper stuff (or fine sandpaper)
- tape (or a rubberband)

Step 2: The Body

what you'll do is cut the newspaper into a 6"x3" rectangle ( or bigger- depending on your firecracker and how many bb's you want to pelt your buds.) Tape the sides together and put tape on the bottom (only if you have a bottle rocket engine though.) 

Step 3: Adding the Charge

If you have a bottle rocket rip off the engine first. Simply tape the explosive inside the the body so the bottom of the explosive is about 3/4 from the bottom of the body.

Step 4: Adding the Bbs

Its pretty self explanitory but fill the body about half way full of bbs.

Step 5: Tape the Top

Pretty self explanitory ;)
p.s. don't tape over the wick

Step 6: PIN IGNITER :)

-cut the sandpaper off the matchbook
-fold it like the picture
-tape it to the paperclip
-tape the match to the newspaper but make sure the match is pressing against the wick
-tape the sandpaper around the match
-and wala

Step 7: And Walah

now all you gotta is yank the pin off and see if it lights but throw it, too. If it doesn't light you should have a flick lighter or something else. 

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9 years ago

does there have to be an explosipon


11 years ago on Step 7

Make a video. I cant tell if they work good because no one has a video. the last one i made only shot the bbs 3 feet.