Introduction: Airsoft Pyro Egg Landmine

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this is a landmine that utilizes an eggshell. i have not done very extinsive testing on this, but i think it will work well, so im gonna post an instructable on it. have fun and comment on the results! built to be used with my remote or pressure detonator.

Step 1: Prep the Eggshell

this step seems easy, but requires alot. first take some thick wire and tape it to the side of the bottom (big) part. next break the shell in two. next drill a hole in the bottom of the big part of the eggshell.

Step 2: Insert Firecracker

the next step is to insert the firecracker in the hole. if the hole is to big, wrap tape around the top part until it fits very snugly. be sure the fire cracker is right in the middle of the shell.

Step 3: Add the Bb's

next fill the big part of the egg until it is about up to the firecracker. (this will vary depending on the size of the egg) i would sugjest about 100 bb's

Step 4: Attach the Top and Fire

now take the top that has been detached and put it back on. next tape it on two sides.
now when you go to use it, just plant it in the ground and rip of the top and rig it up to youre detonator!