Introduction: Amazing Idea for a Remote Detonated Airsoft Land Mine!

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this is a prototype for a remote detonated airsoft land mine. i would like to remind you that this is a prototype that has not been tested, but thrugh reaserch and hopothosies is expected to work very well. i am also not liable for anything stupid u do with this mine, and it may have potential to be dangerous!!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

the materials you will need are as follows:
A car
a model rocket motor
a model rocket motor ingiter
a model rocket launch controller
a metal vegtable can (empty)
airsoft bbs

Step 2: Fill the Container

i used a metal vegtable can for the container, but in theory, anything could be used, maybe even just dig a hole in the ground or use a cardboard tube. fill the container to the brim with airsoft bbs

Step 3: Make the Explosive

this step has four options
option uno:
this is made by leaving a rocket motor in a car on a hot day. this is very confusing, but what happens is that the motor will undergo a chemical change, and explode instead of doing a controled burn.

option dos:
verners (another instructables memeber) also has givin me the idea to put it in the oven. i, however do not recomend this unless you are desprate, and if u do, use the oven at its lowest setting for a couple hours.

option tres:
.775volts (instructables member) also gave me the idea to use a black box out in the sun on a hot day. i beleive that this will work.
Option quatro:
you could also probly use a parabolic cooker. (if you don't know what that is, ask your math teacher, they will prolly know) basicly what it is is an insulated box with alluminum foil in it that will reflect sunlight to a center point making the inside temp. really hot (again, ask your math teacher for instructions, or get it off the interwebs)

so there you have your for options, and if u have another idea, post and i will try to edit the instructable ASAP thanks!

Step 4: Arm the Motor and Insert Into Can

arm the motor by inserting the ignitor as shown, and insert into the middle of the can as shown

Step 5: Attach to Launch Controler and Placement

attach the clips to the roket motor ingnitor and partially bury the can so it is even with the ground. then cover the red cord with dirt or leaves to camoflauge it, and then hide behind a bush and wait!!

Step 6: Alternative Propelant

first of, i would like to give vernors total credit for this step. basicly, instead of a rocket motor, use sewing thread to attach the ingnitor onto the fuse of a firecracker. this has not been tested, so i do not no if it will work, but i think it will.