Angels Hanging Around

Introduction: Angels Hanging Around

Angels Hanging Around

Designed by Patricia Harding

In memory of Jennie Perkins, Emma Fretz, and my dad John Weiss

I hope you enjoy this design, Happy Egging

Patricia Harding

Paige, TX

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Materials

AB Bead

Wing Bead

Gold bead cap ( for halo)


Necklace pitch bail

Egg (bobwhite or finch)

2 part epoxy

Paint powder

Acrylic paint (if you want a deep true color)

Step 2: Step 2:

Glue egg to a pin and let dry. (this is so you can turn the egg when pouring the epoxy and power mixture over it)(see photo)

Paint your egg (your choice of color to match epoxy powder)

Mix epoxy and powder paint (that matches your painted egg)

Pour epoxy mix on egg and let stand for 24 hour for curing.

Pull pin out, you may need to heat the pin to pull out. (Soldering iron works great for this)

Step 3: Step 3:

Cut the eye pin to size (cut from bottom so length is not too long for the egg)

String bead cap, ab bead, and wings onto the eye pin then glue your egg on.

Line up head of eye pin with wings.

Let dry

Step 4: Step 4:

String pinch bail on to your necklace chain.

Pinch the bail on the eye pin.

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