Apple Candle

Introduction: Apple Candle

About: I like to make tutorials for beating levels for games. I also like to experiment and draw.( I also like to do origami and help with that too)

this is a candle that you basically put into an apple and it could possibly ( if you do it absolutely PERFECTION) Float in water while lit

Step 1: Supplies

you will need a candle, apple, knife, and a pen

Step 2: Tracing the Shape

basically you have to put the candle on the top of the apple and then trace the circumference of the candle (trace AROUND the candle)

Step 3: Cut the Line

next using any type of knife (PARENTAL HELP/GUIDANCE ADVISED) Carve the line of the tracing

Step 4: Cut Out the Top

you must then cut out the top traced area

Step 5: Put in the Candle

simple as the title (You may have to push the candle in a bit for it to look better

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks great!

    Plus, if you get hungry you can always eat the candle holder. Sweet!