Apple Disk II - Retro Ipod Charger

Introduction: Apple Disk II - Retro Ipod Charger

Using a faceplate from a discarded apple floppy disk drive, I constructed an ipod charger dock complete with LED! Hybridize the old apple style to the new.

Step 1: Basic Design

This is a really simple project and only requires the following:

black spray paint
utility knife
straight edge
ipod cable
100 ohm resistor
soldering iron and solder

Basically its a disk II faceplate elevated with some black-painted-plexiglass strips superglued to the sides

Step 2: Base Construction

The base consists of four plexiglass strips about an inch wide and as long as each of the sides. The longer sides did not break evenly so that's why they are a little curved. I just went with it because I didn't want to waste materials. I sanded one side of each piece before spray painting them black.

Step 3: Putting the Sides On!

Just super glue the spray painted sides onto the sides of the faceplate. Easy!

Step 4: Splice!!

Picture 1
-Cut the ipod cable close to the ipod connector side and strip all four wires on each side.
-Superglue connecter to piece of plexiglass so connector sticks out above plexiglass.
Picture 2
-Solder white and green wires back together.
-Splice in led and 100 ohm resistor to power (red and black wires) and solder back together
Picture 3
-Superglue plexiglass into middle of drive slot.
-Tape connections and tape down wires to faceplate with electrical tape.

Step 5: Let There Be Light......and Retro Styles

Plug it in and the LED should turn on, plug in the ipod and it should charge. If it doesnt, unplug and check your connections.

Finally, impress all your mac loving friends with your oldschool throwback retro gear!

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    It would be sweet if you could put the iPod inside the floppy then eject it when finished...


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Ooh Very nice. Modern classic clash! What if you cut up the drive a little so the ipod sits in the disk slot a bit more?