Introduction: April Fools Quarter-game Prank

what you will need

1) a quarter
2) a pencil
3) paper
4) a victim

Step 1: Setting Them Up

to set up your victim you tell them "I bet you can't roll this quarter off your nose and into a circle."
so then they will take the bet
after they take the bet you tell them to trace the quarter in as many circles as they want

after they do this tell them to try and roll it off there nose and have it land in a circle

Step 2: How It Works

do you know all the little ridges on the quater? well these ridges get filled with graphite and when they roll it down there nose the graphite comes off. the graphite gets in the ridges because you circle the quarter multiple times in attempt to make as many cricles as you can so you can win the bet.


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