Introduction: April Fools Trick Compliation

Today I will show you some of my cool April fools jokes for your amusement.

Step 1: Usb Paper Trick

here is a trick that you do with your victims usb cords,

first you take the usb cord you want to use, (see pic 1)
now take some paper and fold it (pics 2 and 3)
and the finished product (pic 4)
note: you might want to put more than one folded piece of paper in the cord

Step 2: The Classic Optical Mouse Trick

Here you will fool your friends optical mouse

1st take your victims optical mouse and some tape. Put a mini piece of paper on the sticky side of the tape, and then attach to the ir sensor on the optical mouse.

Step 3: Satellite Reciever Trick

here you will trick your victim into thinking that his satellite remote is not working.

1st you take a bigger than original "mini" piece of paper, stick it onto the sticky side of your tape again (pic 1) but have a tiny bit of tape still showing. And then stick it onto the ir sensor of your satellite reciever. (pic 2)

Note: this will work way better if you use electrical tape because it is black, and nobody will notice the IR sensors not showing.

And you are done, hope this instructable was enjoyable! If you have any comments or suggestions
please comment.

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